Essential Guide to Carriage Driving -
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Robyn Cuffey is an international clinician specializing in retraining Standardbred horses. She is co-author of Retraining the Harness Racehorse. Cuffey began carriage driving twenty years ago and in this time she has driven for recreation and for competition in combined driving, pleasure showing and competitive driving. She has trained and driven horses and ponies for single driving and pairs. Knowing that too many people are lucky to "survive" their first carriage driving experiences with ill-fitting and marginally safe equipment and inappropriate horses and vehicles, helping others get a safe start in carriage driving is a primary goal for Cuffey. As an instructor and trainer at her Buxton, Maine farm, Cuffey fields questions about carriage driving almost daily. This book was written in response to this interest from students and fellow horse owners. Chapter 1 Welcome to Driving Chapter 2 Types of Driving Chapter 3 Selecting and Caring for your Driving Horse or Pony Chapter 4 Understanding How the Harness Works Chapter 5 Selecting and Caring for Harness Chapter 6 Selecting the Bit Chapter 7 Selecting and Caring for Your Cart or Carriage Chapter 8 Driving Safety Chapter 9 Harnessing, Fitting and "Putting To" Chapter 10 The Basics of Driving Chapter 11 Beyond the Basics Chapter 12 "On the Road Again" Chapter 13 Preparing for Competition Chapter 14 Sleighs and Sleighing Chapter 15 Driving Multiple Hitches

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Essential Guide to Carriage Driving

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