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Breaking a Horse to Harness by Sallie Walrond Draft Horse Owners Manual Driving Questions Answered
Breaking a Horse to HarnessDraft Horse Owners ManualDriving Questions Answered

Excellent book for Training Hardcover, 142 pages chock full of color photos and illustrations. Measures approx 8"X10".

Draft owners Manual Dr. Valentine and Wildenstein. 236 pages

Short book on Driving Horses in Harness Softcover, 24 pages, lots of pictures. Measures approx. 7 1/2" X 9 1/2 "




Essential Guide to Carriage Driving - Haying with horses book - Horse drawn mower book lynn miller -
Essential Guide to Carriage DrivingHaying with Horses bookHorse Drawn Mowers book

How to book for the horse in Harness Paperback, 8 ½ x 11 in., 155 pages with black and white photos and drawings

368 pages, many, many photos, illustrations, and COLOR photographs !

Horse Drawn Mower book by Lynn Miller 352 pages




Horse drawn tillage tools Putting to Pair book Starting to Drive Book -
Horsedrawn Tillage ToolsPutting to Pair BookStarting to Drive book

Lynn R. Miller's newest addition to his ambitious Work Horse Library

How to harness a light horse pair for carriages

Paperback, 24 pages, 7½ X 9½ With many pictures and illustrations




Training Draft horses - Work Horse Handbook - Making Harness book from
Training Workhorses and Training TeamstersWork Horse HandbookMaking harness Book - A Step by Step Guide

Excellent book by Lynn Miller
Companion book to Work Horse Handbook
Softcover. 352 pages, 482 photos

Work Horse Handbook by Lynn Miller Soft cover, 386 pages, hundreds of photos

A complete guide to making harness from the beginning. Heavy Paperback (easy to read). 270 pages ! Spiral bound




Horse Progress days DVD 2010 Logging with Draft Horses DVD How to Harness Draft Work Horse DVD
Horse Progress Days 2010Logging with Horses, Oxen & MulesHarnessing Draft Horses DVD

Horse Progress Days DVD - 2010

Logging DVD 1 hour 16 minutes

Horse logger and farmer from Franklinville, New York, Brandt Ainsworth shares his knowledge of harnessing, collaring, bridling, and grooming a work horse




Driving Draft horse DVD Horse and Cart DVD Bridle work book
Driving Draft HorsesHorse and Cart DVD - Robyn CuffeyBridle Work book - Robert Steinke

Brandt Ainsworth 1 hour 12 minute DVD

Renowned Horsewoman and whip Robyn Cuffey
Robyn does an excellent job of stressing safety and informing the viewer of the various types of carts and their intended uses

Step by step guide to making bridles and more. LIMITED STOCK!! Rare!! 




Teach Your Horse to Drive Sleighbells DVD
Teach Your Horse to Drive DVDSleighs and Sleigh Bells DVD

Formerly a 2 part VHS, this DVD combines both lessons in one DVD

Entertaining and Educational DVD