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This important text is sure to join the other volumes of Miller's Workhorse Library as an important piece of preservation work. For horsefarmers and antique implement collectors, it is certain to be a most useful handbook. With hundreds of photos and drawings, the profusely illustrated text covers restoration, rebuilding, repair, and tuneup with a focus on the very popular McCormick Deering (International) No. 9. It also includes references to other makes and models as well as resource information for updating cutter bar assemblies to new materials and functions. Mr. Miller, along with being a long time horsefarmer, has restored mowers for 25 years and taught several workshops on the subject. Section One: Short History of the Horsedrawn Mowers What makes a smooth running mower? How the Horses and Mules figure in Mower Service/Lube Operation of the Mower Trouble Shooting Upgrades... Section Two Is This Mower worth rebuilding? Work Space and Tools Parts Discussion Surface Prep.. more... Reassembly Timing the mower (*IMPORTANT!) More... Section Three McCormick / International John Deere Miscellaneous Makes

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Horse Drawn Mowers book

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