Sleigh Bells on Straps

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Horse Bell strap with 15 brass bells Sleigh Jingle bells from 23 Brass Bell Strap # 1 through # 12
15 Bell Strap Solid Brass bells (Neck Bells)Jingle Bell strap, 20 bells Brass or Chrome 23 Brass Bell Strap # 1 through # 12

15 Solid bells on strap 60" long with buckle
Commonly placed on horse's neck

Quality black leather strap with 20 plated jingle bells. 73" long with buckle

23 Solid brass bells on quality black leather strap. Bells are available in Chrome also (same bells, just chrome plated, never rust or peel) Available in brown or red straps 78" long, 1 1/4" wide with buckle Bells included are: 4 #1's, two each...




23 Brass Bell strap - graduated from 1 to 10 29 Bell Deluxe Strap - Most Impressive 29 bell double strapped sleigh bells
23 Brass Bell strap - graduated from 1 to 1029 Bell Deluxe Strap - Most Impressive29 Brass Bells Double Strapped Sleigh Bells

Designed to go around girth of a light horse.
23 solid brass bells graduated 1 to #10,
Strap is 1 1/4" wide, 78" long, with brass buckle

Our most impressive bell set! 29 Solid brass bells
Double strapped, and double sewn, smooth inside Scalloped design, wider in the middle Brass spots along the edge add a majestic touch!

Smooth leather on inside

Our most popular Draft horse strap!
Fits nicely around the girth




Jingle Sleigh bells from
Jingle Bell strap, 30 bells Brass or Chrome

30 plated bells on a quality black strap. Choose either Chrome or Brass plating