The KeepSake Collection
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 "The KeepSake Collection"

A Timeless Heirloom

Everything to complete your Special Strap Included.


Start a Family Traditon:

 Give your child the Bell that cordinates with their age each year. (example give your 4 year old the #4 sleighbell) When you have given all #1-#15 Sleighbells you will have a whole set. When you are done  You will have a Beautiful Sleighbell strap, that will be a heirloom to keep through the years for them pass on to their children!



        1 -  Genuine Leather strap to mount your collection of SleighBells for safe keeping.

                       - Available in Black, Brown, Red

 This strap comes with the pins to mount the bells. Instructions are included in package.

                        -Strap is 60inches long 1 1/2inches wide, Strap has 15 holes prepunched for easy mounting of the bell.

 Double Strap Option: 

Your strap will come with a second strap attached,

to shield your wall from the fasteners attaching the bell to the strap.


    15 - SleighBells 

Sizes #1 through #15 available in your choice Brass or Chrome.

The Bells come with a RED leather tie and a North Pole Tag attached!



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The KeepSake Collection

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