Established in 2012, Buggy Stuff & More is a trusted online store. Our products have beautified thousands of homes. We design and ship decorative products, which give your home a traditional and artistic look.

Decorative & Other Bells

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Celebrate Christmas in a traditional way!

Buggy Stuff & More is one of the very few businesses that offer authentic old-style solid brass bells and sleigh bells. Decorate your home and experience the pleasant sound of bells.

We also offer dog training bells, lunch bells and more.

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Straps, Leather Products & More

Buggy Stuff & More

Buggy Stuff & More specializes in offering unique and collectible products which are carefully handcrafted. Our products include hand-made quilts, leather handbags and other products, hand-woven rugs, hand-made cards and other metal art work, and more.

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Buggy Stuff & More

In our bells, the dinger is inside the bell. So, it is near impossible to silence the sound. Please consider shipping to another address if you have little ones that would recognize the bell sound. You can uncheck the box on your order information "shipping same as billing." 

"May the Ring of Every SleighBell be a Memory of You!" 

"In Memory of Brad McKee"